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Beyond Wonderland SF Warning


I don’t usually like to post anything like this but this is life. We have to look out for each other. I hope they find these criminals and get them arrested. Hope the girl has a speedy recovery. 

On Saturday at Beyond Wonderland a good friend of mine got lost from the group she came with and was approached by a couple(pictured below) who insisted on taking care of her and being her friend. She thought they were friendly and wanted to help. The couple bought her a few drinks and before she knew what was happening she blacked out becoming paralyzed from what she remembers (btw she was not on any drugs). She remembers them holding her and walking out the gates and she pleaded for them to let her stay but quickly blacked out again waking up in a hotel being raped by both of them. She was able to escape when they weren’t looking and thankfully got away as they tried chasing her. Everyone needs to know who these people are so this doesn’t happen to anyone else. This is beyond disgusting…the information we have so far :
Girls name - Yesenia 
Guys name - Adrian (maybe) had black shirt that says Cocaine and caviar 
Hotel - Days Inn N Mathilda rd
They had a rental car and were from OC

Please if you know these people or happen to see them or even have pictures of them please message me any info you have. The only positive thing that can come from this is preventing it from happening to anyone else.

- Joshua Brassy (Facebook)

pics of them

pic 1 , pic 2 

Iamsu! She Ready (prod. by iamsu! of The Invasion) 1
She Ready (prod. by iamsu! of The Invasion) 1


She Ready - Iamsu! 2012

Iamsu! putting the Bay on the map. HBKGang